Estella Scholes

Upcoming Events

 There has not been a significant amount of activity during the last year and months of the pandemic, however various projects continue to develop.  I recently moved into a small but better studio space which will give me more light and safer storage space.

New work continues to develop, often involving collage using both original printmaking and parts of the printing plates themselves.  These are proving to be rewarding, with several recent sales via social media, in particular Instagram, where you can find me at @estellascholes.

For the last couple of years I have been working with a group of printmakers and an enameller, as an investigation of the concept of 'borderlands' both old and new, as they exist or did exist between England and North/Mid Wales.  We meet regularly to walk and explore, making work in individual responses to place, legend and history.  During the various lockdowns, this has often been via Zoom, but we are now meeting again, and have various group exhibitions and workshops planned , starting in August at the Qube, Oswestry, moving on to Theatre Clwyd in December, with further events planned.

This project has been an opportunity to explore and play, leading to a range of new work.  Details coming up.