Estella Scholes

Portfolio: Original Printmaking

Collagraphs and Monoprints

This page provides an overview of my printmaking work.

Collagraph printing- I may get several versions from the same printmaking plate, but due to the handpainting involved before the single pull through the press for each image, no two can be the same. Further images in variable colours can be supplied on request, if available.

Monoprints- recent monoprints are taken from one pull through the press, and another ghost image printed from the residue. 

Etchings- I am developing my techniques in saline sulphate etching, often overprinting two or more etching plates.

Drypoints- I have been experimentiing with some more graphic monochrome work.

Gelatine monoprint- examples of paper surfaces made using this technique can be found here, and on the Artists Book page.